Pine Valley Campground in Utah - Crackfoot

In February I booked our yearly summer camping trip. I used google map to look for a site that wasn't too far away. I found a site called Pine Valley that was about 2 1/2 hours from the north side of Las Vegas.  It looked nice! After booking it several people told me it was a good site.

We stayed in Crackfoot at camp spot C16 and C17. I booked 24 spots and after filling up most of those my friend booked C15 for another 8 spots. That gave us room for 32 people, we ended up having 31!

Very burry group photo, photobombed by a hummingbird on the left in front of guy wearing blue shirt.
The campground itself is not very large but wow what a campground! There are several streams that run through the area and I booked the spot on the edge and we could walk to the stream. The stream was freezing cold and shallow, so the kids had an absolutely amazing time playing in the area so close to our camping spot. And the steam was super clear.

Stream at Crackfoot Pine Valley Campground

Stream at Crackfoot Pine Valley Campground

Stream at Crackfoot Pine Valley Campground
The campground itself was really nice. Tall pine trees helped shade the area. Metal grated tables and a tent pad, a fire ring and area for food. We did have an incident with a skunk during the night so make sure you pack up your food and take your trash away! Luckily it didn't get a chance to spray anyway, or my dog Muffin!

The bathrooms were also super clean and nice. And close! The sites were nice and far away from each other, and we never really heard the other campers besides an occasional dog barking.

It was low 90's during the day when we went, which was honestly a bit hot, but coming from 110 in Vegas it wasn't horrible. At night it was around mid 50's and we were actually a little cold in our tents and in the morning, but it made it nice and cozy and we enjoyed the fire that much more.

We did a bunch of hikes up and down the stream and sat around and ate lots of yummy food. We had nine different families and it was first time camping trips for three of them. Let's put it this way, it was such an awesome trip they all want to go again! Here are a few more photos.

If you get a chance to go, make sure you book a spot along the outer edge if you want to be near the stream, along the C15 side! I haven't explored much of the other campgrounds but I have a feeling they are just as nice and also have streams close by. 

Here is a video from our trip:


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