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Large Family Group

What is more fun than photographing a family? Photographing a really large family! Especially a large family willing to go all the way to Mt. Charleston and play! This was so much fun, especially because the whole family was willing to try this and this and that. Not only did I have fun taking the pictures but they all had fun getting photographed. And we got to play with bubbles :)

Family in the Desert

I had the pleasure of photographing this family in May before it got extremely hot. Ok fine, it was actually pretty hot when we did this shoot, but it wasn't horrible, at least we survived! They were all good sports about walking around in the dust and climbing up and down sandy hills. No one got hurt or too dirty, so that's all that matters right? Oh, we got some good photos too!

Is It October Yet?

It's been a really hot summer in Vegas, so it makes sense that my friends and I are ready for cooler weather, and nothing says cooler weather like Halloween! Ok, maybe some of my fiends are just obsessed with Halloween, me, I just like dark photoshoots!

Here are a few of my friends getting into the spirit of dark and fun halloween spirit!