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Dark and Motherly

For the longest time my own mom has been my biggest photographer fan. She kept saying she wanted to do a photoshoot with me.  We finally got together last year. She wanted dark and fun photos. I think these are quite dark and very fun!

Little Kids at the Springs Preserve

A bunch of kids met me at the Springs Preserves a few weeks ago. Two of the kids happened to be mine! It was a nice afternoon. We got a bunch of cute photos :)

Driveway Chalk

Just a few fun things you can do with chalk ... like draw fun picture, paint a face, hands, oh the possibilities are endless!

Picture Frame Illusion

This is what happens when a few friends get together with a picture frame. Ok, probably not, but this is what happens when my friends get together and we have a picture frame and a camera! 

Lots of Paint and Color

I know this cool family that wanted to take some colorful photos in a desert setting. With paint. I love color. I love the desert too. I also love this family!  Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot!