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80's Flash Back

Was there ever a better time then the 80's?

Having a Baby

They are having a baby.  They are so cute and happy.  I almost want to have another baby.  Almost.

3 Times the Fun

I am one lucky girl because I got to photograph this set of triplets for the third time.  These little cuties are about to turn 4. I was there right before they turned 2 and 3, and I can say the older they get, the cuter they are, but I guess you can see that for yourself.

We headed out to Floyd Lamb and enjoyed some of the beautiful scenery and cool evening weather and let these three do their magic.  Admit it, you want your own set of triplets now don't you?

Las Vegas IS a Desert

One of the reasons I love living in Las Vegas is the hot weather.  I guess I like the dry heat of the desert, however trying to take desert photos has never been a priority until now.  Once again I have to thank my good friends for volunteering to be my models and for spending several days shopping with me to find the perfect dress and then spending more time than necessary fixing their hair and makeup just to spend a few hours on the NE side of town near a somewhat busy road taking pictures.  Love these girls!

4th of July

4th of July was pretty exciting this year, almost exciting as the photo shoot beforehand!