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You know that one song?

You know that one song with those girls that all have their hair pulled back and they are wearing red lipstick?  I wanted to recreate that somewhat with my friends who are always willing :o)

How did we do?

and then we added head flowers ...

and then we did see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or backwards ...

and then we decided to try the Madonna 80's (or 90's) hair up look ...

and then we decided to add some color, because we could.

It was fun :o)


I haven't participated in an I Heart Faces photo challenge in a really long time, but I saw this one on Facebook and I love jumping photos so I figured "why not" enter something.  I took this old photo of my daughter happily jumping on her trampoline and did some new edits and here it is!

Do you love to jump, are you jumping into anything new lately?

the Praying Mantis

I found this little bug today while taking pictures of flowers.  He was content to sit and watch my every move.  He didn't seem to mind posing either.