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Ho Ho Ho

Everyone should have a few Santa, Lights, Snow, and Beard photos right?  I think so, what better way to prepare for the holidays!

8 Month Baby Boy

He is already 8 months old and about to crawl but for now I was just happy he could sit up without falling!  He is a handsome fellow and ready for the holidays, at least he will be :o)

6 Weeks Old

She is adorable, small, cute, smells like a baby, six weeks old, sweet as can be, and ready for Christmas, here is little Baby Girl I!

The S Family

We got some really cute family and holiday photos the other day with this family, check out these adorable little kids and their awesome parents ;o)

Calico Basin - Family of 4 and 5

Calico Basin + Two Families = Rocking Fall Photos!

Seven Whole Months

He is 7 whole months now and couldn't be happier, well maybe if I took the camera out of his face :o)

Shirts and Accessories

I will call this photo shoot "shirts and accessories" because that is sorta how we planned it.  I had an idea to do a group photo with different colored shirts and matching'ish accessories, like dangly earrings, a red bandana, a cowboy hat, etc.  What do you think - fun?  I have a bunch of great friends :o)

Colorful Pattern Shirts & Dangly Earrings

Black and White Shirts & a Red Bandana

Red Shirts and a Cowboy Hat

Blue Shirts and a Scarf

Brown Shirts and a Flower Hair Clip

a Striped Horizontal Shirt and a Baseball Cap

Rainbow Tanktops and Sun Glasses