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P Family

Here is another nice family that braved the cold weather to get a few family photos this past weekend.  It was almost too easy because the kids cooperated so well, so it didn't take us long to get these, lucky us!

Y Family Photos

It was extremely cold but this family was super tough, and happy, and smiley, and great at taking family photos, just look at them!

W Family

I love this family, so easy ... too easy, and super cute, and fun, and we got some great pictures!  Looking back I realized something, the dad did not smile in any of the photos yet he was all happy and smiling during our adventure around the park to take pictures, he even did a handstand.  It must be a macho image thing I guess :o)

Christmas in November?

Two little girls modeling their holiday skirts means Christmas in November!  Why not, it is cold enough  :o(

M Family Photos

Almost two years ago I photographed this amazing family.  They were a family of 4 back then but as you can clearly see they have grown by one.  I use to think the best pictures were the ones where everyone was looking into the camera and smiling but now I prefer the photos where you can see personality and love.  You can definitely see the love in these photos, and tears, at least in the last photo - but to her defense, it was really cold!