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Can you imagine having three two year olds - together at the same time, in one place, running around and playing? Now can you imagine taking their pictures?  I am a lucky girl because I got that chance, how cute are they!!!

Mt. Charleston

There were butterflies all over Mt. Charleston today, at least in the areas we were at, and the trees were such a pretty yellow color.  October is a fun month to visit the mountain because it is so much cooler but not yet cold.  It was early in the morning and very sunny but I got a few neat pictures, enjoy!

Little Personality

She has such fun personality in each picture!

Little Miss A modeled some headbands for me today ;o)

She was digging it, at least I think she was.

Her mom was trying to get her to smile but even without a smile she is still so darling!

Those green eyes are a-mazing!

And I love her spunky attitude.

Even wearing a strange hat, well she didn't really like the hat.

But she loved her some candy!

And then we go and do this to her !!!  

She was NOT a happy camper but we only made her suffer for a few seconds.
I love babies :o)