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From the almost side

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Trash the Dress - Mountains

I took 4 friends on a wild ride yesterday.  First they followed me in their cars about 10 miles into the wilderness, well, our closest mountain anyway.  Then I had them get out of their warm car and step into the freezing mountain air, well it was probably around 70 something but we were all cold, and I had them do it wearing fancy dresses and high heels, or flip flops if you want to get technical.  I had them cross a busy major highway, except there wasn't really any traffic, then I had them hug trees, lay in rocks, pine needles, ant beds, and lay/sit on heavy machinery.  I actually did make them do all that last part and the weird thing is - they all did it!  Just another day in my world I guess.

and then we were wandering around and we found this little wood nymph!  She was all alone and lost and scared and we decided to take her home.  I think I will call her Pepper :o) It is amazing the stuff you can find in the forest.

6 Months Old

Little A is 6 months old now!  Where in the world has the time gone .... and because I am that kind of person, I put her in a pumpkin too :o)

And I put her in a plastic halloween bowl!

She is just too cute no matter where she is sitting :o)

Little Ones

Meet Jacob.  He was born in January.  That is important because, well keep reading, you will find out soon.  He sure has a cute smile, and as you can clearly see, he is a little brother.

Meet Jacob and Pepper  - Pepper is my little girl, and is 2 months older than Jacob.  She has really messy hair for a girl huh.  

So let's just focus on Jacob, spelled J A C O B, oh I guess  you can read the blocks yourself!

We decided to stuff, I mean gently put Jacob into a pumpkin.

He didn't seem to mind, at least he didn't mind the pumpkin, he didn't care for the hat.

But after putting the hat on again and again, he finally left it alone and smiled ever so sweetly!

Meet Alexa, she was also born in January, but not the same year as Jacob.  We decided to stuff, or put her gently into the pumpkin too.  She wasn't as thrilled with the pumpkin or the hat and she was big enough to try to get out.  She did not succeed!

But she also doesn't look as excited to be stuffed into a pum…

What girls do

What do girls do when they get together and hang out?  Look and see!

Dirty Job

Sometimes being a photographer is a dirty job ... really - look!  I found a picture similar to this online and posted it so my friends could see.  My one friend Lisa (shown here) said she wanted to do this.  One evening we packed up some shovels and headed to the nearest graveyard, we called first to make sure they had some fresh dug graves of course.  There were 4 of us digging a hole deep enough to get Lisa into, it took hours!  Finally we were able to get her in the ground and cover her with dirt, and we got the pictures to prove it - what do you think?

Or would you believe that Lisa is a genius instead, and that she thought of using a box with a hole cut out and some potting soil instead of doing all the work above?  Yah that is more like it!