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Ants and Flies and Spiders

Once upon a time there was this little ant and his tiny little ant friend.  I guess that means there were two ants, anyway they were hanging out on one of my garden flowers.  I can't remember what this flower is going to be ... but the ants don't appear to be hurting my garden, of course I really don't know what I am doing gardening anyway so maybe they are doing damage and I just can't see hmmm /shrug.  Ants sure are so darn small.
(hint: click on the photos for a closer inspection.)

While looking in my garden I also noticed this very small fly.  He may look like an ordinary pesty boring fly, but upon closer inspection, well with my macro lens that can do super zooms, he is in fact very colorful.

After taking several photos of this fly I realized he was not going to fly away, no matter how close I proceeded to get to him.  I am pretty certain he was posing for me!

I can't believe I managed to get any photos in focus because it was a bit windy and as shaky, I mean …