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New Couple

My aunt and her new husband came to visit me after just getting married two days prior so we decided to drive around town and take some "new couple" photos. They are both just too cute, check out the pictures and see what you think :o)

Las Vegas has some great places for unique photos, do you agree? We are taking more later in the week so check back later.

4 More Crazy Girls

Here they are, 4 more crazy girls, friends actually, that let me take photos of them while they were on their best behavior :o)

Best Face of 2011

My thing is faces, I love photographing faces - and there is no way I can pick a favorite face photo from 2011, so instead I will pick one I really love, one that shows a lot of emotion - my friend Donna. She recently lost her father after a quick illness and really had a hard time with it. We did a photo shoot because she wanted to capture her raw emotion. It was hard but I think we ended up getting a few shots that showed exactly how she was feeling and here is one of my favorites.

Crazy Girls

I had some friends come over last week and let me take photos of them, but this time I wanted them to get crazy, and they did! It was a lot of fun. Here are my favorite photos from the shoot.

I have more friends coming over this week for some more photos so be on the lookout!