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Hands & Spiders

I love taking photos of hands, and this week I Heart Faces is having a "hand" photo challenge. This photo is probably my most recent and fits the mood this month. As you can see we are almost ready for Halloween :o) well not really ready but we are close, I am in the process of painting my costume and should finish it before our first party on the 28th.

Happy or Sad

I am still pregnant and while it would seem like my bulging stomach would make a nice cushion for my camera, unfortunately it is oddly uncomfortable. I am happy to be having another baby, but sad that I haven't been spending much time taking photos. Happy to be almost done, and sad to still have to wait 6 weeks. I did get a few minutes with my daughter and my camera, she was not happy, she was mostly sad. I guess she didn't enjoy my lying to her today, you know the lie, just one more picture. I mean it wasn't like we took 100 pictures, only 30 or 40 today, you think she would be thanking me, but no, she was really not in the mood I guess. Sometimes non mood pictures are cute though right? I think her sad face is almost as adorable as her happy face!