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It started as an opposite thing but ended up just two girls having a great time! My daughter, now 4 years old, is a pro at posing for photos. She doesn't even fight me anymore :o) so I guess 4 years of having her pose at random times really did the trick. Here are a few photos from our session today. I need to take a few more but I need to think of some ideas, if you have any let me know!

Dry Summer

Wet SummerCold Summer
Hot Summer
Silly SummerSad SummerMom Summer
Dad Summer
Clean Summer
Dirty Summer
More to come ...

Went to the Beach!

Last week we spent 2 days playing in the sand and the waves, and while my daughter truly enjoyed the trip, it was exhausting! We are all glad to be home and getting caught up. Here is a photo I played with from the trip, my daughter and husband really enjoyed the ocean as you can clearly see.

Thanks I Heart Faces for the photo contest idea this week :o)

Plum Face in the Summer

I love the summer, both my daughter Summer and the warm season of summer! Apparently so does my daughter, Summer, I mean my daughter Summer also loves the summer. What does she like most about it? Oh I don't know - probably the pool, but she also loves the delicious summer fruits, like plums. She walked up to me a few minutes ago and I about freaked out when I saw her face, I thought she had scraped it or something, then I remembered .... the plums I just cut.
I guess they were good, wouldn't you say so? And wouldn't it be nice to be 4 again and get that much plum all over your face and not even care!

My Summer and the season summer both make me so plum happy!


I love using props when I shoot, especially when photographing babies. When I had my daughter I knew I wanted to take her photo in this dog basket but instead of using dog toys I found all her stuffed animals. I used this basket for a few more years, well until she grew out of it. Now she is 4 and won't fit anymore :o(

It is easy to look around and use props you already have, but of course there are some nice ones available to purchase too! Thanks I Heart Faces for the weekly photo challenge!

Red, White & Blue Holiday

I love the Fourth of July because I love taking colorful photos, and the American Flag is a wonderful photo prop, at least I think so. Here are some of my favorite photos of my daughter, and one with her friend, from the past week, enjoy!

Now I have to think about some summer photos - maybe something with watermelon or popsicle!

Independence Baby

I had one of the quickest yet most enjoyable photo shoots this evening. Quick because it was going to rain (we heard a lot of thunder) and because my model is only 8 months old we had to work with him while he was "feeling it". We didn't need much time to capture his cute little face, look at those cheeks! If he doesn't scream "All American Baby Boy" then I don't know what does.

I love this picture below ... awwww!