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A neighbor and friend of mine is out of town for the week and while away asked me to come over and water her flowers. She has a really nice yard with a lot of flowers, but besides a lot of flowers she also has a lot of cactus. I took the camera over today expecting to take a picture of a green grasshopper that I had seen in the same spot for two days, but unfortunately we didn't see him today, so instead I took a few macro photos of some of her cactus, enjoy!



1. Playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way.

What I came up with? My daughter at a birthday party dressed for the part and liking what she sees. She was cute, it was a fun party and I think it could be described as a whimsical picture!

Thanks I Heart Faces for the fun challenge this week!

The Green Guy

I recently had fun taking 15 different pictures of something "green" for a photo contest group I belong. I picked out this cool green figure from the Nightmare Before Christmas. He proved to be an interesting subject and made for some interesting pictures, well, at least I thought so. Here are my 15 photos in collage form - enjoy!

Bright Vivid Contest

I Heart Faces is having a fun challenge this week - Bright and Vivid. If there are two words to describe my sense of style, well you can just take a look at my daughter and see for yourself!

Yes those lips are real, all hers, she is so lucky, and the hair clips, well we don't normally wear them all at once. We don't normally paint the fingernails such a funky color either, and those are just clip on earrings. Her eyes are such a neat looking hazel green and brown, and it all came together in one of her brightest photos ever and I love it! Hopefully she loves it too when she grows up ;o)

Pretty places in Colorado

Our vacation is over and things are as crazy as ever while we try to get back to normal. At least I edited all the photos from the trip - and you get to see some of the cool places we went, enjoy!

I also took the largest group photo I have ever taken. This is some of the people who attended the reunion. At bet at least 20+ people we missing from this photo too!


The family and I are headed to Colorado for a family reunion this weekend and I am super excited, we haven't been to this one location in over three years and this time I am bringing my camera! I should find a lot of people to photograph :o)

One of our favorite summer vacation spots is the beach in California. We have taken our daughter for the past two years and we plan on going again sometime soon. She absolutely loves the beach, the ocean, the cold wet salty water ...

If you don't see anything from me, at least for about a week, you will know where I am, in the meantime I leave you a photo from one of our prior vacations.

I am also entering this photo in the I Heart Faces weekly photo contest. The theme this week is from a distance. I had a heck of a time finding a photo so that tells me I have something to work on when I am in Colorado! Thanks I Heart Faces for the idea!

Little C's Baptism

Today I got to photograph a little 3 month old girl getting baptized. I love watching babies get baptized in case you haven't noticed! She really did good too, she kept looking right at the camera... maybe it was the clicking noises.

What a great family!