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I like taking pictures of flowers, almost as much as I like taking pictures of people. What I like most about flowers are their uniqueness, their colors, their strength. Since I have been taking photos I have been trying to get neat pictures of flowers but I must say one flower stands out above the rest. I took this picture while I was on vacation in Montana. The sun was almost setting and I found this single flower just waiting for my camera. At first I didn't see the hidden treasure inside the flower but when I did - wow, it just made the flower all the more spectacular! I was using a 200mm lens so I was far enough away to not be scared. I never did go look to see what kind of spider it was exactly but it sure looks scary from here, which was probably a good idea, not that I am scared of spiders, but the darn mosquitoes were already busy eating me alive I didn't want to spend anymore time as bait. I love this photo and I hope you like it too. If you want to see more…

He is a Senior

I love seniors, I got to shoot one yesterday. With my camera! I love discovering the new "it" thing, you know, what I should be wearing and how I should look to be cool. Who knew it would be tie dye shirts and retro sunglasses. Always learning something new ... anyway he was way cool, look at him, is he cool or what?

I had a lot of fun with him, he kept asking me what he should do and I kept thinking, do I look like I know what it means to be cool? But I tried to make him comfortable, told him to just be natural. I think we got it. And I am starting to feel better - yay finally!

Rain Puddles

I haven't been taking very many pictures, if at all, until today. I didn't feel good either but well enough to switch lenses and sit in the garage while my daughter jumped in some puddles. We don't get puddles very often, it doesn't rain often, but when it does we like to take advantage of it, especially when it is warm outside.

There was so much water that she had to take her boots off twice to empty the rain. Her little toes were like raisins, but she had fun and so did I.