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4 Years

Sometimes I get to do special events, this past Sunday I was the photographer for a 4 year old birthday party. This was my second party, if you remember last September I was the photographer for a 3 year old girl's birthday. Anyway it was a fun day, watching little 4 year old children run around and have fun is always fun. Even better than that was the food they served, delicious, and the cake was so yummy and wonderful! Ok enough about the good food, I will share these two pictures, the first is a picture of the birthday boy playing with the dinosaurs he got from the magician and the second is a picture of the kids watching the magician.

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air, at least in Las Vegas, at least it was last week. I am sure it will feel like spring again real soon. Don't believe me - check out these photos of the kids I took last week. Aren't they just the cutest and don't they look super springy!

My First Beauty Pageant

It was nothing like toddlers and tiaras. Actually it was exactly like that without all the drama. There were beautiful girls doing amazing performances and mothers cheering them on. It was very interesting and quite an experience. Because I was the photographer for the event my daughter also got to perform as well. She kicked butt :o) Here are some photos from our day, and it was a really long day!

pMy daughter ended up winning a crown and a title, Queen of her division. She was exhausted but she had a great day. I haven't decided if we will do it again or not.

Faces Connect - COMPLETE

I did it, I finished my faces connect project!!! It took a little longer than I expected but I am happy with the results. Here are the 10 pictures in no particular order. Now I need you to go on my facebook page and vote for your favorite(s) to see which one is the best.

Brother & Sister

Grandpa and Granddaughter & Grandson

Husband and Wife

Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Mother & Teenage Daughter
Mother & Daughter
Brother and New Baby Sister
Husband & Wife
Father & Daughter
Which one do you like best? My new project is coming up too - faces, 10 of them, close up, I want to see crisp sharp eyes, so watch for it! If you want to participate there is still room for your face so let me know!

Sun Flares

Am I the only person who likes a good contest? I doubt it and that is why this week I am entering the sun flares contest at I Heart Faces. At first I didn't think I had anything but when I started looking at the other entries I realized I had a ton, but I think this one might be my favorite. This is a senior and a good friend of mine. She is also a dancer. She also shares the same birth date as my daughter. I only wish we could have been in a big field filled with flowers, colorful tulips or something, ah but oh well, this is still a very nice and fun picture, at least I think so!
Thanks again I Heart Faces for the great contest idea!

Round 2

If you remember this family from four months ago then you will recognize some of the people in these photos below. I got a chance to photograph them again, along with some sisters, a mother and father, and a grandma. Almost 4 months later and they still looked about the same, well except the little girl, she was a little bit bigger and her hair was quite a bit longer! Here they are, randomly :o)

The senior sister (I dig the zebra!):

The Grandma (can we say cool!):

The mother & father (is that just not the sweetest?):

The group (ok this was fun, any guesses as to who was straddling me?):

The original couple (still as lovely as ever!):

The little girl (look at that hair!):

The team (and what a fun team it was!):

How fun, and what a wonderful day to take pictures - the weather was amazing yesterday, and is expected to be amazing all week. Great season for outdoor photos :o)

Would you rather be a dog or a cat?

Once upon a time, because I like to start stories this way, there was a dog. He was a lazy dog, and he liked to sleep.

Living with this dog was a cat. This was a lazy cat, and he also liked to sleep.

But then came a big bad black monster who put his face right into the cats face. This monster knows no shame, for all he wants is to practice taking pictures.

The cat was obviously annoyed, for his nap was rudely interrupted by the clicking sounds, not to mention the lens tickling his whiskers, so he looked to the dog for help.

The dog was no help, for the dog had already been bothered by this monster and was just hoping the monster would continue to ignore him and focus on the cat.

The cat had no choice but to tolerate the monster. Even pretending to go back to sleep did not deter the monster from intruding into his space.

There was only one way to be rid of this monster and that would take the evil eye. But what other choice did the cat have?

to be continued ...

Guess the Restaurant!

Can you guess where we went to dinner on Wednesday? Here are four picture hints ...

It was delicious :o)

All the different edits

The art of photography. Well it can be art, especially if you have a fancy smancy editing program that will allow you to add different looks on your photos. I have one of those fancy smancy programs and I can add different looks on photos. Unfortunately I never know what people want, do they want a high contrast black and white look or do they like the softer faded style? To give you an idea of just some of the different looks, I made this photo collection showing you some different styles. If you want a specific look to your photo - make sure you mention it, because chances are it can be done.

The original - or at least the original after editing has been done. Editing like color adjustment, sharpening, blemish removal, teeth whitening, skin softening, color boldness ...

The Antique - by adding a touch more yellow the photo can be transformed into a more antique look. It doesn't work for every photo but on some photos it looks great.

The Soft & Muted - some people…