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Half Way

I am half way through my first project - faces connect. I might finish this weekend or maybe next week. Today I got to photograph a mother and her daughter. Had I not told you it was a mother and daughter you would have figured it out, they look a little bit alike and the love that comes through the pictures is pretty obvious, at least to me. This challenge was about more than taking a good picture, it was about getting shots that show emotion and I think these photos do just that. I spent about 15 minutes with these two and I didn't expect to get so many great photos. The hard part will be picking which photo I want to use as one of my 10.... which one do you like best?

I Love Feet

I never knew how much I could love a foot, or feet, especially feet that are small and dirty - those are hands down the best (get it - hands down?) anyway I took this photo one evening when my daughter was chalk drawing on the driveway. I don't know why she always makes such a mess and gets so dirty but I love it and it always makes for an interesting photo session. I really love this photo because I love feet - hers are the cutest, I love to kiss them, even when they are dirty. There is just something about the bottom of the feet, with all those cute wrinkles, really the only place a wrinkle can be truly cute. I hope you enjoy this photos as much as I do, and if you want to see more feet and other body parts head over to I Heart Faces and check them out.

And did you know that by clicking on the photo will let you see it in a larger size? All my photos are clickable like that, because I know you want to see these feet close up - who wouldn't?

Thanks I Heart Faces for the co…

Live and Learn - Balloons

I learned a valuable lesson today - well maybe a few.

1) Don't rush - especially when it is already 4 pm and the sun goes down around 5:30. That doesn't give you much time to explore new ideas.

2) Balloons and any sort of breeze - no. It is not going to work no matter how much you give the wind a dirty look.

3) The perfect picture you have in your head is probably not what you actually get. It sucks but it is true. Oh well, never give up!

Now that I cleared all of that up I should probably explain what happened today around 4:00 pm. I was on the computer (as usual) looking at something on Facebook. I saw a photoshoot that a friend of mine attended and in this photo was a cute little girl sitting in a box made to look like a basket with a bunch of balloons tied to it. Behind this girl was a cute fake sky, implying the girl was in a hot air balloon. I wanted to do this too so I went into the garage, immediately found and emptied a box, drew on it, quickly dressed…

Before and After

You must think all of my customers are super models, myself included, and you would be right, but there is a lot of magic to be made in the editing process. My goal is to get a good picture without having to do any editing but sometimes you just don't have great light, or you have something on your face, or sometimes you just want to look stupendous - at least I always prefer looking perfect, or as close to perfect as I can get while still looking like me. To make my point I am going to be brave and post a before and after photo. I took this photo just a few hours ago in my room next to my bedroom door. I used my onboard flash, which is something I NEVER usually do - but hey I like to try new things, live dangerously. This first photo was shot in RAW with no editing whatsoever, straight off my camera, imported into Lightroom, and processed as a 1.5 mb jpeg.

It looks ok, it looks like me, I had makeup on and I was having a good hair day. But I wanted more - I wanted the extra,…

Faces Connect - awww

All I can say about the shoot today is ... awwww. First it was no longer than 20 minutes, if that. I was honestly worried about today because the baby girl is 3 months and the little boy is 3. If you have ever worked with these ages you know you should be worried but alas somehow - by magic - I got my faces connect picture!

Is that not just the cutest thing ever? Little sister and big brother share a special connection :o) And while I was there, for the entire 20 minutes or so, as I was setting up my camera and checking out my light this little handsome guy posed for me. Can you believe that? A 3 year old who likes to pose for pictures. I was thisssss close to taking him home with me.

And if you are wondering what I mean about worrying about a 3 year old and a 3 month old, well you never know what to expect with kids, especially 3 year olds, 2 year olds, 1 year olds, and of course babies. For some reason this little gal didn't like laying on the floor. Weird huh. I love th…

Faces Connect - Starts with 3

If you missed it go here to catch up real quick - my project is moving along nicely now, 3 down and 7 to go. I originally planned to wait and show all 10 photos when I was finished but I just cannot wait so here are the first three.

Let me just say again why I am doing this project before I show you the photos. I am trying to 1) improve my technique. I don't want just a nice looking photo, I want a sharp focused with correct color, etc. you get the idea. 2) I want to make a memory, something that tells a story - more than just a photo that means nothing and 3) I don't really know what this one is, it just seems like it needs to have 3 huh. Oh well.

Anyway - without further teasing, here are the first three photos!

I want to thank my friend for letting me borrow her sons, thank my husband and daughter who really had no choice anyway and thank my good neighbors for letting me come over and take a picture of them.

Tomorrow I will attempt a faced connect with a 3 year old and a …

Cell Phone Photographer

Since the turn of the century, well I mean since the release of cell phones with cameras, everyone is a photographer. I Heart Faces is having a cell phone photo challenge. I took this challenge - I have an iPhone 3 and as you all know the camera leaves something to be desired. But that doesn't mean you still can't take a fun, neat, different, out there, silly photo if you try. Today I sat in my chair and spun myself around and around and around until I was almost sick :o( but I got a neat looking photo that I kinda like, what do you think?

Go over to I Heart Faces and look at the other entries, or go submit your own cell phone photo - OR you can go to my facebook page and submit a photo there! So many options in life :o)

Faces Connected

After attending a photo conference yesterday and today I can say that my head is spinning with a bunch of fun and different ideas to keep me inspired. So many ideas that I had to write them all down. My first idea (that I really like) is a challenge to myself. I will choose some sort of theme, pick a time frame, and a magic number - 10. This probably makes zero sense to anyone - yet, so let me explain my first project, it is called faces connected. I want to photograph 10 couples in the next week or two with their faces connected. At first I thought I would do it all the same but I think I might just see how it goes. In order to complete my project I need volunteers, people who are willing to let me photograph them. My volunteers will not have to pay any session fees and will receive a complimentary digital photo for their participation. (Sounds so exciting doesn't it!!!) Once I get all 10 photos I will put the photos online to be voted for and the winning photo will be…

To Auto or Manual

If you have a camera that will allow you to use manual - learn how to shoot in manual! It is really not that difficult, the basic concept is as easy as changing 3 different things, your ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. I will try to explain the difference between the three as easily as I can.

ISO: stands for International Organization for Standardization. Back in the day when we used film in our cameras the ISO was the indicator for the sensitivity to light needed. Basically a bright sunny day only needs an ISO of either 100/200, indoors or low light areas would need more light, so a higher numbered ISO would be used, like 400/800/1600, or today cameras can go up as high as 2400. One thing to consider is the grain and quality of your photo when using different ISO's, the larger the ISO, the grainier the photo is going to be. You will get the best quality when you use the smaller ISO (100/200). This also means you need really good light, which is what we all want when we go…

Through the Lens Magazine

If you like photography as much as I do, and you want to support me because you love me so much, or if you just like me a little bit - then I want you to check this new magazine out called Through the Lens. First you need to go visit their facebook page and like it. You should already be a fan of my facebook page but just in case you aren't go here and do that too. Now that you are caught up with everything you can sit back, visit our pages, and enjoy!

But if you want more and if you like taking photos too - you can join the through the Lens flickr group and add some of your own photos. Winning photos will be entered into the magazine that comes out in April. They have two contest going on right now so don't miss out!

What else did I forget ... oh their blog you can follow!

For now - I think that it is. If I think of something else I will be back.
Today we celebrated Valentine's Day with a few friends.

We enjoyed a lot of yummy food in red and white containers on a red tablecloth.

We ate heart shaped hot dogs for lunch.

We saw a bunch of heart deorations hanging around the place.

We all got a gift bag filled with cards and goodies.

We baked red velvet cupcakes and decorated them with hearts and sprinkles.

We also decorated sugar cookies with colorful sprinkles.

The day was perfect. Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been a busy month taking photos of ladies, kids, pets ... wearing pink, red, and not much :o) and now it is almost over. I would like to thank everyone who let me take photos of them for this lovely holiday today. I hope your significant others appreciate the photos and enjoy them. Lastly, I leave you with a photo I took yesterday, one more picture of my little monkey holding a red rose giving me the look that says, really - are we done yet. We are done, at least with these props. Bring out the green!

Since I Heart Faces is having a red themed contest - I am going to enter this photo, be sure to head over there to see more great red photos!

Lady M

So pretty, so sexy. Really - do I need to say anything more? Just look at her! We had a fun photo shoot a few days ago, I didn't really do much except click the button on the camera a few times, She did all the work.

Football Theme

My shoot yesterday was a lot of fun because the outfit was picked out by the lucky guy, and what a great idea - a football theme! Well - a sexy football theme. The lucky girl was stunning and kinda shy for some reason, but we still had fun getting a few photos that her guy is sure to love. I love Valentine's day and taking pictures of love!


Valentine's Day is almost here, and there is nothing more fun than using glittery heart props when taking photos, especially for this pink and red unofficial holiday. This may be one of my favorite heart photos - this little girl has a lot of spunk, she should, she is my daughter after all. She was in a great mood for taking photos and I love her look here - that look - that scrunched face!

You can see more heart photos over at I Heart Faces - check them out!

Mommy & Baby

I got a chance to take pictures of my niece and her daughter while on vacation in Oklahoma. Even being sick, having no place to take pictures, horrible lighting and snowy conditions, I think I still got a few cute pictures! Here are a few of my favorite photos - awww aren't they cute!

I sure am going to miss them!