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Long Blonde Hair

My friend here has long blonde hair. She is also stunning. She finally let me take some photos of her and she didn't crack up the entire time like she thought she would! Here is a sneak peak at how pretty she is!

Amazing huh? Yah I know - and I think she even had fun :o)

Oh Donna

Is there a song about Donna? If not there should be! My friend Donna came over yesterday and after taking pictures of the little girls we switched over to her. She is stunningly beautiful, but I don't have to tell you because you can clearly see that for yourself. She is also pretty natural at posing, as you can also see. We had a great time taking pictures and I am glad I have such good friends that allow me to stick a camera in their face.

I love these pictures, and if you look closely you can even see me in the sunglasses above, doing my thing!

Little Girls on Valentine's Day

It isn't really Valentine's day yet but I spent the day with 4 very cute little girls and we took a bunch of red, pink, heart, fuzzy, fun - pictures! I took so many pictures, I really don't know which ones I should share :o( I will try to limit my selection to just a few so you aren't overwhelmed but I can't promise anything. So here they are in alphabetical order.

Lady Carissa

Lady Christa

Lady Summer

Lady Sydney

Aren't they just the sweetest things ever, I mean look at those happy little faces!

Face Art

Sometimes I like to go back and edit photos from the past in a fun artistic way. Do you like face art as much as I do? It helps to have a model on hand that enjoys posing, or at least once in a while. Isn't she just precious?

Baby Boy

Today I got to take pictures of a little baby boy getting baptized. It was a lot of fun and he was such a good baby too!

The joys of being a photographer, I love my job!

Since I Heart Faces is having an innocent wonder photo challenge, I figured this would be a great photo to submit!

Winter in Las Vegas

Winter in Las Vegas usually means ... well usually not much, but sometimes we get lucky and it snows. We got lucky the week after Christmas when we got a bunch of snow. A bunch? Ok fine, it snowed one day and actually stuck for a few hours, but it snowed long enough that we had time to run and dig out our winter coats, hats, gloves, and play for a good hour. It started snowing around 9:00 am and was gone before lunch. Some of our friends, who live just minutes away from us, didn't have any snow at all - so it was definitely a good lucky day.

What did Summer think? She loved that white, cold stuff! Check out this photo - it clearly shows how much she was enjoying the snow and so was Papa if you can't tell.

We haven't had an opportunity to go up into the mountains just 30 minutes away and play in the snow there yet. Last year Summer wasn't that thrilled but I think she was just cold, hopefully a year later, she can enjoy it some more and I hope we get up there soo…

Dog & Cat

It should be dog and butterfly but I don't have a pet butterfly - I have a cat - so I have to work with what I have - right? So today's theme is guess the dog or cat part. Here we go:

They really weren't that hard were they?

A Great Smile

A smile is the best medicine for happiness. It can be contagious. It will brighten up a day. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday full of happy smiles just like my daughter and I are going to have.

Thanks I Heart Faces for the new contest - smiles!

Pretty Boudoir Lady

I - for the life of me - can not say boudoir, nor can I spell it. I have to google that darn word each time I try to type it. Forget me trying to say it too, I have no idea what it is about that word, I even took two years of French in high school! Ok enough ranting ...

Today another photographer friend of mine shared a lady with me, how exciting! We both took lots of boudoir (yes I had to look at the spelling in the title) pictures of her. She was so easy to work with, I secretly think she was a pro, and it was so much fun! I hope she likes her pictures - oh and a warning - these are boudoir photos so less clothing involved.


Isn't she stunning, and I love the pink! I just love making women look beautiful, well more beautiful :o)