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Holiday Photos Again

Last year I was crazy busy taking holiday photos for my friends, clients, myself ... this year I am crazy busy taking care of a newborn. I did take a breather last weekend and got some holiday photos for this family again. Look how big the little baby is now! Here are a few photos from the session, my favorites :o)

Laugh A Little

I had my baby on the 3rd and I went and took holiday photos for a family the other day. My new baby is very needy so I am not back all the way but for now I am back a little bit.

I will be back eventually, until then lets all laugh a little, it makes the day more fun!

Thanks I Heart Faces for this weeks photo challenge!

Hands & Spiders

I love taking photos of hands, and this week I Heart Faces is having a "hand" photo challenge. This photo is probably my most recent and fits the mood this month. As you can see we are almost ready for Halloween :o) well not really ready but we are close, I am in the process of painting my costume and should finish it before our first party on the 28th.

Happy or Sad

I am still pregnant and while it would seem like my bulging stomach would make a nice cushion for my camera, unfortunately it is oddly uncomfortable. I am happy to be having another baby, but sad that I haven't been spending much time taking photos. Happy to be almost done, and sad to still have to wait 6 weeks. I did get a few minutes with my daughter and my camera, she was not happy, she was mostly sad. I guess she didn't enjoy my lying to her today, you know the lie, just one more picture. I mean it wasn't like we took 100 pictures, only 30 or 40 today, you think she would be thanking me, but no, she was really not in the mood I guess. Sometimes non mood pictures are cute though right? I think her sad face is almost as adorable as her happy face!

The Moon and Clouds

Last night I made a late trip to the grocery store to get cereal and milk and I am glad I did because the moon was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and it was so cool looking. My daughter and I stood outside for about 30 minutes watching the moon and clouds dance around, and I took a few pictures!

Now, for some odd reason, I am ready for Halloween! I mean not really ready, I don't have a costume or anything, but bring on October!

Jumping Back Into School

Week 4 of home schooling and I could not be more happy. We are definitely jumping right into learning and hitting the bulls eye!

Thanks I Heart Faces for the weekly photo challenge this week, Back to School!

White with a message

This is one of the earliest photos I ever took and I like it because it has a very plain message. It doesn't take much to make a statement I guess :o)

Thanks I Heart Faces for the photo challenge this week.

For the Love of Pets

This week I Heart Faces is having a pet face challenge. I love taking photos of my animals, they drive me crazy at times because they don't always pose exactly like I want but I still love trying, maybe it is the challenge. Just this weekend I tried to get a picture of my dog and cat, who really do like each other, kissing, or just having their heads in the same area. It never worked out exactly. So I went back and looked through all my cat and dog photos to find the one that I like the best and even though this photo is old and taken with my older camera I just love it. I guess I am a sucker for dog noses ...

Thanks I Heart Faces!


I have probably posted before about how much I love to photograph eyes, eyes are hands down my favorite part of the face, and this week I Heart Faces is having a beautiful eye challenge! I searched through all my eye photos and I think this one might be my favorite. It is actually my eyes, which are a stunning deep blue, but I love this photo because even in black and white the eyes are still amazing. This photo was taken with all natural light next to a big window and I was holding the camera up as best I could without dropping it on my face :o) I think I got a pretty cool picture of my eyes!


This is my daughter (in the middle) and two of her oldest friends. I don't mean old like in age, instead I mean old like they have knows each other since they were a few months old. Now they are 4 going on 14 and I can't wait to see how to grow together ;o)

Thanks I Heart Faces for the weekly photo challenge!

Self Portraits

Sometimes I feel like putting makeup on, fixing my hair, and taking self portraits. It is a real challenge to get my face worth a photo :o) Not to mention I was 24 weeks pregnant, at least you can't tell in these photos. Here are a few I took of myself from earlier this week. All of the lighting except one is natural window light.

Oh Donna

Donna is one of my good friends and yesterday she came over for a mini photo shoot. She is stunning, but we didn't want stunning photos, we wanted emotional photos. Did we get them?

I think so :o)


It started as an opposite thing but ended up just two girls having a great time! My daughter, now 4 years old, is a pro at posing for photos. She doesn't even fight me anymore :o) so I guess 4 years of having her pose at random times really did the trick. Here are a few photos from our session today. I need to take a few more but I need to think of some ideas, if you have any let me know!

Dry Summer

Wet SummerCold Summer
Hot Summer
Silly SummerSad SummerMom Summer
Dad Summer
Clean Summer
Dirty Summer
More to come ...

Went to the Beach!

Last week we spent 2 days playing in the sand and the waves, and while my daughter truly enjoyed the trip, it was exhausting! We are all glad to be home and getting caught up. Here is a photo I played with from the trip, my daughter and husband really enjoyed the ocean as you can clearly see.

Thanks I Heart Faces for the photo contest idea this week :o)