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My First Baptism

I was lucky enough to witness a baby being baptized yesterday and I was lucky enough to take pictures. It was a nice ceremony with lots of people, many of which had cameras - like me, and they were also taking pictures!

That really didn't happen until the end though, the beginning was mostly for watching, waiting, and for some, sleeping.

You had to be there for the best part, I was there, and it was amazing!

I hope the family likes the rest of the pictures!

an Eye for an Eye

I love eyes. Sharp. Colorful. Lashes. Blue, Brown, Hazel, Green ... Macro. Reflections.

Eyes that look right into you.

Eyes that are too busy watching something else to look at you.

Eyes with lashes that are thick and bold.

Eyes with a soft speck of gold.

Really any eye will do,

An eye for an eye is true.

Happy Family

Only a lucky photographer gets to take pictures of good friends in their own backyard on Christmas, and I am one lucky photographer! Yesterday we spent the day jumping, eating, and hanging out with our good friends. Since they are never together at the same time we took the opportunity to take some family photos. They are one of the happiest families, they could not quit laughing! Here are a few pictures from our afternoon - so you can see how pretty they are!

A Very Bouncy Christmas

I have a wonderful life - it is as simple as that. I have been blessed with a nice camera, creativity and desire for taking pictures, the love of editing photos, and wonderful people who let me take move them here and there while I try to get the best shot. 2010 has been an amazing journey for me, one I never thought I had in me, and I can tell the journey is going to keep on moving the right way.

To everyone who let me take pictures, thank you, it was my pleasure, you were all so awesome and wonderful! To my family who let me go take pictures, thank you for being so understanding and supportive, especially my husband who made me buy a new camera and lens. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas today - and most of all I hope you all took a lot of photos! I did, way too many ... one of my daughter's gifts ended up creating some very interesting photos so enjoy them!

Final Christmas Pictures

This might be the last set of Christmas pictures I take. I met a family today with three little boys - finally some boys to photograph! They were just darling with their matching shirts and sweet smiles, and they did great looking into the camera. Here are a few shots from our afternoon together.

Aren't they just so darling!!! I hope they enjoy their pictures and have a great Christmas!

Rainy Days

It has been raining here, a lot, for like 5 or 6 days. We have been stuck inside, mostly. Not completely. There are a lot of fun things to do in the rain ya know. Like taking a walk.

When I took this photo I meant to focus on my daughter and father in law - not the tree branches, but I am glad it focused where it did, it makes the photo more interesting. You can see the rain drops on the tree branches and the rain in the air between them and I. Don't worry, me and the camera were under an umbrella.

If you aren't already following me on facebook - you are missing out! I have been doing fun macro what is it contest. Get over there and like it and help guess the photos!

Just My Dog

This is a picture of my dog Killer. He is a good and bad dog, good to us - his family, bad to others who try to enter our house, even friends. He turned 10 years old in June. His best friend is our kitten Charming.

Dogs Live Here
If you don't want to be greeted,
With paws and wiggly rears,
Don't come inside,
If you don't like the feel,
Of a cold nose or wet tongue,
Don't come inside,
If you don't want to step,
Over scattered toys,
Don't come inside,
If you think a home,
Ought to smell like perfume,
Don't come inside,
But if you don't mind all this,
You'll be instantly loved
When you do come inside,
Because a DOG LIVES HERE.~Author Unknown
Today's contest on I Hear Faces happens to be pet faces. I have a dog and a kitten and almost everyone I know has a pet. I love photographing anima…

A Walk in the Park

This afternoon I had the easiest shoot ever. Well maybe not ever but it was really easy, somehow all the shots were just on, the kids were actually very good - they stayed still, smiled most of the time, usually looked at me and the camera. The parents were just as easy going and happily smiled and posed perfectly. I was surprised to see how many good shots I took, I never know until I get back home, man - we got a lot in 45 minutes. Not to mention how gorgeous the kids are, well you can tell they get their looks from their parents. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the shoot today.

If you can't believe the lovely weather in Las Vegas - lovely enough for weeds to continue to grow, then check out this picture as proof. This may be one of my all time favorites photos.

Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever!!! So much more to share but that's all you get, the rest will go to the family to enjoy.


Today I had a mini shoot with a really good friend, well mostly her daughter, who is my daughter's really good friend. Awwww, did I mention how beautiful they are? I just love the little girl, with her bouncy curls and big brown eyes! Once again I wish I took more pictures, but luckily they are good friends so I will get the chance to take more photos soon. Here are some pictures from our adventures today, enjoy!

Have you ever taken photos with animals? Why don't they want to look at the camera, at the same time? I think this photo is cute even if no one is looking my way.

Mini Holiday Shoot

I guess you would call it a mini shoot, we took maybe 20 minutes to get as many holiday type photos as we could, inside, at night, with all the lights on and an extra bright light. I think a few turned out pretty nice, what do you think? Not to mention they little girl is only 3 and the baby is just over a year - not bad I say!

I love cute looking families!

The Fun Family

Fun is not really their last name but it could be because I had a lot of fun with their holiday photo shoot. They didn't want the normal holiday photos, they wanted to get in their pajamas and jump into bed with coffee - how fun is that? Not to mention an almost 2 week old baby boy and a feisty almost 2 year old girl, how could it not be fun? I left their house wondering if I got any good shots but to my surprise there were several - who knew! Here are a few pictures from their party, I mean photo shoot.