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Scenic Black and White

Another fun contest from I Heart Faces - this week the theme is scenic black and white. I decided to dig up an old photo and turn it into something new. This past summer we vacationed on a lake near Yellowstone. There were a thousand fun things to do but who would have guessed playing in the sand on the edge of the lake would be one of those things. I may have a cute little girl but she sure knows how to have fun and get dirty!

Thanks to I Heart Faces for the idea!

The A Team

I love taking family photos, and this weekend I had a fun family with grown up kids! You would think that older kids would be easier to photograph but not exactly, these kids just made it more fun for me. This family had some of the best smiles I have seen, they were extremely cold but were more than willing to throw leaves in the air and lay in the cold wet grass - my kind of family! I can only share a few photos because these photos are suppose to be a holiday surprise.

Brand New Baby!

Congratulations Raven and Kevin, your baby boy is so cute and photogenic! Of course he didn't have much choice I guess ...

Introducing a new baby boy to the world, only hours old and already taking great photos!

Really, is there anything sweeter than seeing a new baby? I love it!


Today two things happened, 1) I Heart Faces is having a contest with the theme "paper" and 2) there was a newspaper on my driveway and I don't even have a subscription! I think it must be fate ... and I figured Summer would be thrilled to pose with a bunch of messy papers all over the place. She was not thrilled, she was a little more thrilled when I told her she could have some of her Halloween candy if she cooperated. Yes we still have some left unfortunately, but hey it worked, after a failed round 1 attempt we tried again and I got a much better picture!

The hard part was picking my favorite photo but I think I like the one eyed look.

Not to mention her wonderful expression, as if she really is reading the black Friday ads trying to figure out what to buy.

Thanks to I Heart Faces for the idea!

Can I hold her now?

There is nothing like arriving at someone's house with everyone inside dressed up while you are wearing old jeans, no make-up and your hair back, of course there is no reason why I need to look nice because I am the one taking the pictures - lucky me! This shoot was a family of four; mom, dad, 3 year old and 2 month old girls. Since I have my own 3 year old at home I knew exactly what to expect, but I wasn't expecting to hear "can I hold her now?" over and over and over. It was really cute, that 3 year old wanted a picture holding her baby sister really bad. Who can blame her, really? We did manage to get one or two photos with baby in little girl arms, of course I had to crop out mom's arm - that wasn't easy, but I got the job done and overall I think I managed to get a few good holiday photos for this family. Of course I always wish I had more time, better lighting, but what can you do?

Can you tell where I edited the arm out of the photo …

A Family of Three

This afternoon I was lucky enough to photograph a family of three. The little girl K was super sweet, she seriously smiled in almost every photo, well except when she saw a duck. I guess ducks are scary and the park we were at had a lot of ducks, but they left us alone. It was actually a little cold when we arrived, I guess fall is finally here, but we managed to get a bunch of cute family photos, and some individual photos of little girl K. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot, I hope they like them.

Isn't she just adorable, and her eyes, they match her daddy's eyes. What a great family to photograph, a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

The Silhouette Surfer

One of my favorite silhouette photos happened on accident while on vacation at the beach. I was trying to get a great photo of the sun setting when some guy, carrying a surfboard, happened to walk across my frame - and snap, just that fast I had him! He looked worn out, maybe he had been surfing all day, or maybe that board was just heavy, all I cared about was the cool photo I managed to get.

Since it is silhouette week over at I heart faces, I figured I could dig this photo out and submit it. Can't wait to see some of the other entries, and since I have a new camera I guess I need to take more silhouette photos!

Cat & Dog

Somehow I ended up with a black dog and a black cat, well a kitten - he is only 3 months old. And they are both male. Funny how life works sometimes.

Meet Charming, as in Prince Charming. He likes to play. He likes to scratch and bite. He likes to eat dog food for some reason.

Meet Killer. As in mean as heck and bites. Yes he bites unfortunately, but only if you are in our house, invited or not. Killer was born in June of 2000 so he is getting up there in age.

Back to Charming, here he is hiding from me, or so he thinks, while I take his picture.

Here he is looking at something very interesting, I have no idea what it was.

Here he is hunting mice and snakes, or, at least it looks like he is hunting.

Here he is after a big kill. Ok not really, he found a fluffy white feather in the grass.

Here is Killer again, sitting in the same spot, being the lazy old dog that he is, waiting ever so patiently for Charming to finish goofing around and come inside.

They really are good friends. It o…

Tiffany Again

Remember Tiffany the Model from the beginning of October? We had so much fun last time that we thought we would give it another shot. This time we met in an area that screamed Fall, why yes we do have Fall in Las Vegas, or at least we kinda do ... and once again I was amazed at how beautiful the pictures turned out! Of course look what I had to work with. 500 pictures taken, 100 favorites, narrowed down to 9 for my blog. Enjoy!