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Photo Collage

I haven't been taking many photos lately for two reasons, one - I have been really busy, you wouldn't think October would be a busy month but it really is, at least it is when you have a 3 year old who likes Halloween. Reason number two - it is colder outside and has been rainy/overcast. I had to cancel one photo shoot because of the weather and when I try to go out and take pictures in the evening, it is super dark out. I am not really looking forward to time change, I think. Since I have been bad at the lack of photos I decided to make Summer go outside tonight, in the cold, and let me take pictures. Let me, she never really lets me take them, I just have to sneak them in while we are playing. If someone was to tell me I have a lot of pictures of my daughter I would have to tell them - YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I just can't get over how cute she is, still, even after 3 years together. And, I think she keeps getting cuter. Just this past month she somehow developed her f…

Think Pink

I like photo contest and I like the weekly contests from, this week the contest is pink in recognition of breast cancer awareness. I have a daughter so naturally I have a few pink photos. I doctored this one up to make it a bit more pink and figured I could enter it in the contest. I might not win but at least I have something to blog about :o) and I always love editing photos of my pretty little girl.

Her expression was one of annoyance, anymore getting this child to pose for a picture is difficult. At least she takes good pictures even with the annoyed faces.

The Moon

It is almost Halloween and we have finally been enjoying some cooler weather. Las Vegas is known for having blue cloudless skies, but the last couple of days have been a nice change. Tonight the moon was so spooky looking because of the clouds I decided to take advantage of them and take a few pictures. I am no expert at moon photography but I thought I would share my tips with you, so wherever you are, whatever your moon looks like, you too can take some neat looking photos!

My first suggestion is to use a lens that can zoom at least 200 mm. All of my moon photos were shot at 200 mm and even that is a bit small. I still end up cropping the photos to help make the moon look larger.

The photo below was the first real moon photo I ever took, it is actually two photos because I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I focused on the moon in one photo, focused on the clouds in the other, and pasted the focused moon on the focused clouds to get this look. It still came out rather nic…

Kim & her Belly

Pregnant women are beautiful and I love when I get the chance to photograph a lady and her belly - today I got that chance! Meet Kim, she is beautiful, pregnant, colorful, and we had fun making maternity photos together. I was surprised how quick our session went and was delightful surprised to see just how many great photos we created together. I always have trouble picking my favorite photos so here are a few that I really like best.

Doesn't she have the cutest belly bump? She was awesome to work with and said I could come back when the baby is born and take pictures of him, I am so excited!

Little Lady

Yesterday I was driving around Las Vegas scouting for a neat place to take pictures when I came across this little lady on the side of the road. I asked her nicely if she would pose for me so I could take a few shots of the Las Vegas strip in the background and luckily she agreed!

She was a natural at taking pictures, I offered her a ride if she would let me take a few more pictures near this neat looking wall I knew of and she said that would be ok as long as I gave her $10 for food. I reluctantly agreed, wondering what she would really use the money for but decided it was only $10. Here are the photos I took.

I could tell she was a wild one and I had to cut her loose before she got crazy, I gave her $10 and thanked her and walked back to my car. Maybe I will see her on the street again one day ...

Cynthia trashes her dress - part 4

Finally we come to Cynthia. What can I say, it should be illegal to have hair like that! Cynthia was a lot of fun, she was willing to do some cool positions - until she got bit by a fish or something else, she screamed so loud and I jumped, after that we didn't go into the water as deep, at least with our toes, but we still found ways to make it work and got some amazing photos.

Such amazing colorful photos, I had so much fun with that shoot, I can't wait to do it again, hopefully soon!

Brenda trashes her dress - part 3

Brenda was a friend of a friend who got talked into this whole dress trashing business, but I think she ended up having fun with it! I didn't get a chance to take as many photos of her because with 4 models being rotated around she didn't shove her way into as many pictures as say Casey and Rachel :o) haha just kidding ladies, but I did get a few nice shots of her trashing her dress, check these out!

I just love how colorful and edgy the photos are, some are so unique to each girl, I am really glad I got to play around with this, I love how they turned out. Not only am I ready to do it again real soon, I want to trash my own dress as soon as I find one!

Thanks to Brenda for stepping up and getting her pretty dress all wet :o)

Casey trashes her dress - part 2

Casey has been a friend of mine for almost 4 years and when I asked her if she would be willing to trash the dress with me I thought I might get some resistance, boy was I wrong, she not only wanted to do it she wanted to bring friends! She found an amazing dress at a thrift store just for our little dip, and even if she found the water a bit cold and got her toes bitten by unknown things in the water, she had fun and made the whole experience a blast for the rest of us. Here are a few of the pictures we created together.

Amazing, Stunning, Beautiful, and most importantly we all had so much fun. I will edit the other pictures soon so once more, to be continued...

Rachel trashes her red dress (part 1)

I got to do something I never thought I would do, talk my friends and some of their friends into putting on a fancy dress and trashing it! This concept is not new nor my own, so I cannot take credit for the idea, but what fun it was. I am blessed to have such awesome friends that are willing to destroy clothes at my expense. Friends, like Rachel, who is willing to get in the cold water, water full of little toe biting fish, and who knows what else. Rachel had such a pretty red dress, I almost felt bad that she was about to ruin it except I saw her pile of dresses from her closet, she is one of the lucky ones who still fits in every dress she has ever bought and she had a ton. Plus I don't know that the dress will actually be ruined, it might wash right up. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the afternoon spent trashing the dress!

I had a blast, of course I didn't get wet, but even Rachel said she had fun, and she didn't complain once. Braver than I for sure, I…

Tiffany the Model

Last week I met a nice girl in a coffee shot, today (as planned) I met the same girl at a park but she had turned herself into a beautiful model and she let me take her pictures! Life is funny that way I guess. After spending a few hours with her I was reminded why I do what I do, I take photos of people because they are stunningly beautiful! Ok maybe those two adjectives don't really go together, but just look at her. When she becomes famous I will get to tell everyone I know her. I can also tell people how nice and sweet she is, and how bright and colorful she was to shoot.

Maybe if I am lucky I will get to shoot her again one day. I love saying shoot :o) I shoot people haha.

Becca the Senior

More than just a high school senior, Becca is also a dancer and absolutely stunning. Talk about being a natural at having her pictures taken, she was amazing! I never once had to tell her to smile, in fact I had to ask her to quit smiling for one picture.

We spent just over an hour at a cute little park in town and I managed to take over 500 pictures! Almost all of the photos were terrific so I had a lot of fun editing this session. The hardest part about writing this blog was deciding which of the photos I should show, I would love to show you all of them but there are just too many, so here are a few of my most favorites, enjoy looking!

Becca, High School Senior, Class of 2011, Dancer, Beautiful!