Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Santa and Elf Pajamas

Cool Christmas Pajamas are the thing, and taking photos of fun people wearing these pajamas is my thing!

A Blue Christmas

Because blue dresses, cold weather, pretty girls, and Christmas all work together!

My Favorite People

These four are some of my favorite people. They show up when I ask and let me take lots of pictures of them. They know they are cool, apparently.


Three times as much fun

Once again I had the pleasure of photographing these three. They are getting older and getting so much easier to photograph. They almost always all look at the camera now! It also helps that they are all so super cute right!

Family in the Park

I just happened to be at a park near my house and this family happened to walk by and they all looked so nice and they had some props and I just had to take their picture! Ok, maybe it was planned :)

Baby Dolls and Day of the Dead

When you find yourself with a bunch of friends and a lot of makeup funny things can happen, like these kinds of photos! 

Candles and Little Lights

Sometimes you make your friends do strange things, like bring a bunch of candles into your small dark bathroom and turn off all the lights - yes we did!